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Ray J. Chen, US citizen 

Full-Stack C#.NET Solution Developer


one of the 5000 .NET Application charter members in the world

Home: ***** Via Cereza, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Email: rayJchen2000@gmail.com



  • Full-stack C#.NET developer with 18 years of hands-on productive experience in USA 
  • Flexible for back-end/front-end, huge/regular, new/existed projects; or solving very tough/old/new bugs
  • Solved complicated issues with simpler solutions for so many times 
  • You can click any underlined clause below to see details/evidence

Selected IT Programming Certificates (11 of 14):  

Selected skills (years):

C# (16y), ASP.NET (16y), SQL Server (12y), ASP.NET MVC (3y), jQuery (6y), JSON (6y), JavaScript (8y), HTML (14y), XML (12y), CSS (8y), LINQ (5y), Ajax (6y), TFS (10y), SVN (2y), VSS(2y), SSRS(1y), ERP (9y), Microsoft Dynamic CRM & SDK (2y), Web Service (6y), WCF (3y), Entity Frameworks (8y), C (20y), C++ (15y), Angular JS (2y), ASP.NET Web API 2 (1y), PERL (2y), Oracle (3y), ADO.NET (9y), T-SQL (9y), Agile/Scrum (8y), VB.NET (2y), WinForms (7y), WPF(2y), Clear Case (1y), Bootstrap (2y), Mobile Application(1y), SSIS(1y), Cloud-computing(1y),  LESS(0.5y), GIT(0.5y), GitHub(0.5y), JIRA(0.5y), Team City (0,5y), Infragistics(1y), Telerik(0.5y), Borland C++ (2y), JAVA/J2EE (2y), OpenXML (3y), Python (2y), Machine Learning / Pattern Recognition (8y), SIMSCRIPT (5y), and so on; productive experience(18y) in starting new projects from scratch with latest technologies and/or in updating/debugging legacy software. I am a quicker learner, too. 

Main experience:

3/2016-10/2018, C#.NET Software Developer, BeyondTrust, Aliso Viejo, CA 

  • Back-end: Already validated all available Vulnerability Audit Backend Product use cases (more than 46000 cases) with exact error positions and detail reasons (thousands). Used C# (& Python) in regular expression. No code bug found yet.
  • Front-end: Finished all eleven (11) Vulnerability OpenXML Word Reports (can be up to thousands of pages): PCI Compliance, Summary, Vulnerability Export, Regulatory Compliance, Discovery, NonCompliant, IAVA, Remediation, Access, and so on. No code bug found yet.
  • Vulnerability Audit Backend Syntaxes: Found and corrected several Wiki documentation errors; suggested many Wiki additions and updates; prepared a list (classification) of all use cases together.
  • TFS Source control: checking-in, merging up and down almost daily.
  • Flexible: when changed from front-end to back-end, quickly enhanced assignment-related-only skills: Vulnerability Audit Data Syntaxes, Wiki, MVC 5.0, Regular Expressions, SQL Servers, Python, Entity Frameworks, related PowerShell, C#, ASP.NET, and so on.
  • Created and made assigned HTML Reports work well with dynamic sorting (clicking a header to sort a column without any re-scan for sorting. and so on).
  • Enhanced product-related technologies with latest. For example, I had “old school” HTML more than 10 years ago; in 2017, I took and passed 6 out of 7 latest WWW html related certificate exams with average score 90/100, the highest score is HTML. I skipped PHP certificate since it was unrelated to our products at all.
  • Passed all BeyondTrust common security training courses in 2018
  • Note: Bomgar (www.bomgar.com) acquired BeyondTrust (posted in 09/2018). I was laid-off in 10/2018 due to the reduction in force

2014-2015, C#.NET Consultant, FujiTec America, Mason, OH 

  • Finished Service Maintenance Estimate & SSRS reports

  • Finished 2 ERP software products (General Contractor Submittal & Material Order Checklist) with nested grid-views 

  • Maintained and updated legacy .Net 2.0 (C# and VB.NET) code to latest technologies

  • Fixed many bugs, and improved performance significantly

2013-2014, Senior C#.NET Developer, Cincom Systems, Cincinnati, OH

  • Obtained MCP for Dynamic CRM 2011 Installation & Deployment in 2 weeks (3/2013)

  • Simplified and improved performance significantly for several projects (such as workflows, discounting, pricing engine, and so on). For example, I simplified 75 complicated workflow conditions to 6 simpler conditions.

  • Wrote discount software, pricing engine, custom revise software, reusable jQuery custom controller, CAD mapping, and so on

2011-2012, C#.NET Consultant, Eli Lilly & Company , Indianapolis, IN

  • Sped up a wiki page builder application (23226 genes) by more than 90%

  • Transferred Oracle database data to SQL Server database

2005-2011, C#.NET Instructor, Software School of Xiamen University , China  

  • Was the sole instructor for all C# ASP.NET projects and courses at the school for the five full years (2005-2010)
  • Obtained the highest evaluation from the students at the software school
  • Taught compiler technology and projects (2006-2010)
  • Taught UX UI (2005-2007)
  • Taught parallel and distributed network algorithms/projects (2007-2010)
  • Published open source solution code (C#/VC++/C++/C) in USA, England, Italy, India and China, respectively

2003-2004, Data Mining Consultant, IBM Data Prep: 3D optical proximity correction process, VT

  • Added C/C++/PERL/MACRO call features (tools/library) to reduce up to 99% of 3D optical proximity correction shape layout file memory (gigabytes), and to make the files neater.

2001-2002, Software Developer, Boston Instruments, Waltham, MA

  • Built up a 3D object model from a set of 2D images.

1992-2000, Senior Software Engineer, Sperry (formerly Pandrol Jackson Tech, Headquarter Charter plc, UK),  Danbury, CT USA

  • Designed and programmed the first real-time 3D pattern recognition (machine learning) in the world for rail flaw ultrasonic detection systems (the data was megabytes/sec at that time). The software has tested more than 65% of American railroads and 100% of Chinese railroads since 1995, product
  • Organized parallel ultrasonic data (Mbytes/sec) inputs into 24 parallel multithreads to recognize 3D flaws
  • Received the (company) President Award for programming the very profitable 3D software product above

1982-1988, Instructor, Xiamen Commercial School, China

  • Authored (editor-in-chief ) a database textbook in 1988
  • Taught Basic and Database for 6 years


  • 1990, MS in applied math , Auburn U, AL, USA (GPA: 4.0/4.0 ). Algorithms. MS thesis: A comparison of the fast Fourier transform and the fast Hartley transform algorithms. Fortran Programmer: a NASA project, 1988-1989.
  • 1994-1995,one-year advanced study in computer science, Xiamen U, China ( GPA: 4.0/4.0 ). Database
  • 1982,BS in math, Xiamen U, China ( GPA: 3.7/4.0). Math (space analytic geometry). BS thesis: The total curvatures of 3D curves
  • 1977-1978,one-year advanced study in veterinarian, Jiangsu Agriculture College, China (GPA: 4.0/4.0). Meat sanitation check


  1. Swimming, 3-6 miles a week

  2. Software coding (solutions / debugging), I enjoy it as playing games

  3. Ping-pong

  4. Hiking

  5. Playing chess (I can play chess without seeing the chess board)


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