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Ray J. Chen, US citizen 

Full-Stack (C#/ASP.NET/SQL Server/MVC 3-4-5/JavaScript) Solution Developer


one of the 5000 .NET Application charter members in the world

Home: ***** Via Cereza, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Email: rayJchen2000@gmail.com



  • US citizen with 18 years of productive (industrial) experience & 6 years of .NET teaching experience  
  • Fourteen (14) IT certificates in C#, ASP.NET with Ajax, SQL Server with T-SQL, Web Service with Soap, WebForm Application, Web Application, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, C++, XML, MFC, Java, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS,  JQuery, Bootstrap, and so on, …
  • Very flexible full-stack .NET developer (front-end 40% and back-end with middle-tier 60%) for front-end/middle-tier/back-end, huge/regular, new/existed projects; or solving very-tough/old/new bugs
  • You can click any underlined clause below to see details/evidence
  • Looking for a permanent / contract opportunity in Irvine area (within 25 miles)

Main IT Programming Certificates:  

Selected skills (years):

  • Microsoft skills:

C# (16y), VC++ (10y), VB.NET (3y), ASP.NET(16y), Web Service (6y), SQL Server (12y), T-SQL (9y), Entity Frameworks (8y), ADO.NET (9y), Ajax (6y), LINQ (8y), WinForms (7y), TFS (10y), SSRS(2y), SSIS(1y), WCF (3y), ASP.NET MVC (4y), ASP.NET Web API 2 (1y), WPF(2y), WF (2y), OpenXML (3y), Microsoft Dynamic CRM & SDK (2y), PowerShell (1y), Silverlight (1y), Telerik(1y), Azure Cloud-computing(1y), and so on;

  • Scripts-related skills:

HTML (14y), XML (12y), JavaScript (8y), jQuery (6y), CSS (8y), Bootstrap (2y), JSON (6y), Ajax (6y), Angular JS (2y), PERL (2y), Python (3y), XSLT (2y), LESS (1y), and so on;

  • Version Controller-related skills:

TFS (10y), SVN (2y), VSS (2y), Clear Case (1y), GIT (1y), GitHub (1y), and so on;

  • Other skills:

Agile/Scrum (8y), Algorithms (20y), Agile/Scrum (8y), SQL (12y), C (20y), ERP (9y), Oracle (4y), SDLC (18y), JAVA (3y), Mobile Application (1y), Cloud-computing (1y), Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition (8y), and so on

Main experience:

3/2016-10/2018, C#.NET Software Developer, BeyondTrust, Aliso Viejo, CA 

  • Back-end with Middle-tier (60%): Already validated all available Vulnerability Audit Backend Product use cases (more than 46000 cases) with exact error positions and detail reasons (thousands). Used C# (refer to earlier Python code) in regular expression. No code bug found yet.
  • Front-end (40%): Finished all eleven (11) Vulnerability OpenXML Word Reports (can be up to thousands of pages): PCI Compliance, Summary, Vulnerability Export, Regulatory Compliance, Discovery, NonCompliant, IAVA, Remediation, Access, and so on. No code bug found yet.
  • Web applications are based on ASP.NER MVC 5.2 in the .NET track
  • Vulnerability Audit Backend Syntaxes: Found and corrected several Wiki documentation errors; suggested many Wiki additions and updates; prepared a list (classification) of all use cases together.
  • TFS Source control: checking-in, merging up and down almost daily.
  • Flexible: when changed from front-end to back-end, quickly enhanced assignment-related-only skills: Vulnerability Audit Data Syntaxes, Wiki, MVC 5.0, Regular Expressions, SQL Servers, Python, Entity Frameworks, related PowerShell, C#, ASP.NET, and so on.
  • Created and made assigned HTML Reports with jQuery work well with dynamic sorting (clicking a header to sort a column without any re-scan for sorting. and so on).
  • Enhanced product-related technologies with latest. For example, I had “old school” HTML more than 10 years ago; in 2017, I took and passed 6 out of 7 latest WWW html related certificate exams with average score 90/100, the highest score is HTML. I skipped PHP certificate since it was unrelated to our products at all.
  • Passed all BeyondTrust common security training courses in 2018
  • Note: Bomgar (www.bomgar.com) acquired BeyondTrust (posted in 09/2018). I was laid-off in 10/2018 due to the reduction in force

2014-2015, C#.NET Consultant, FujiTec America, Mason, OH 

  • Finished Service Maintenance Estimate & SSRS SQL reports (updated from previous Crystal Reporting)

  • Finished 2 ERP software products (General Contractor Submittal & Material Order Checklist) with nested grid-views 

  • Maintained and updated legacy .Net 2.0 (C# and VB.NET) code to latest technologies

  • Enhanced XSLT/Master Pages

  • Fixed many bugs, and improved performance significantly

2013-2014, Senior C#.NET Developer, Cincom Systems, Cincinnati, OH

  • Obtained MCP for Dynamic CRM 2011 Installation & Deployment in 2 weeks (3/2013)

  • Simplified and improved performance significantly for several projects (such as workflows, discounting, pricing engine, and so on). For example, I simplified 75 complicated workflow conditions to 6 simpler conditions.

  • Wrote discount software, pricing engine, custom revise software, reusable jQuery custom controller, CAD mapping, and so on

2011-2012, C#.NET Consultant, Eli Lilly & Company , Indianapolis, IN

  • Sped up a wiki page builder application (23226 genes) by more than 90%

  • Transferred Oracle database data to SQL Server database

2005-2011, C#.NET Instructor, Software School of Xiamen University , China  

  • Was the sole instructor for all C# ASP.NET projects and courses at the school for the five full years (2005-2010)
  • Obtained the highest evaluation from the students at the software school
  • Taught compiler technology and projects (2006-2010)
  • Taught UX GUI (2005-2007)
  • Taught parallel and distributed network algorithms/projects (2007-2010)
  • Published open source solution code (C#/VC++/C++/C/Assembler) in USA, England, Italy, India and China, respectively

2003-2004, Chip Design Data Mining Consultant, IBM Data Prep: 3D optical proximity correction process, VT

  • Added C/C++/PERL/MACRO call features (tools/library) to reduce up to 99% of Chip Design 3D optical proximity correction shape layout data file memory (gigabytes), and to make the data files neater.

2001-2002, Software Developer, Boston Instruments, Waltham, MA

  • Built up a 3D object model from a set of 2D images.

1992-2000, Senior Software Engineer, Sperry (formerly Pandrol Jackson Tech, Headquarter Charter plc, UK),  Danbury, CT USA

  • Designed and programmed the first real-time 3D pattern recognition (machine learning) in the world for rail flaw ultrasonic detection systems (the data was megabytes/sec at that time). The software has tested more than 65% of American railroads and 100% of Chinese railroads since 1995, product
  • Organized parallel ultrasonic data (Mbytes/sec) inputs into 24 parallel multithreads to recognize 3D flaws; the C/C++ software was embedded into the flash memory of the system
  • Received the (company) President Award for programming the very profitable 3D software product above


1990-1992, Data Mining Software Architect, Argent Software, Torrington, CT

  • Programmed a data compression product by optimizing some algorithms in “Timothy C. Bell, John G. Cleary, Ian H. Witten, Text Compression, ISBM 0-13-911991-4”

1982-1988, Instructor, Xiamen Commercial School, China

  • Authored (editor-in-chief ) a database textbook in 1988
  • Taught Basic and Database for 6 years


  • 1990, MS in applied math , Auburn U, AL, USA (GPA: 4.0/4.0 ). Algorithms. MS thesis: A comparison of the fast Fourier transform and the fast Hartley transform algorithms. Fortran Programmer: a NASA project, 1988-1989.
  • 1994-1995,one-year advanced study in computer science, Xiamen U, China ( GPA: 4.0/4.0 ). Database
  • 1982,BS in math, Xiamen U, China ( GPA: 3.7/4.0). Math (space analytic geometry). BS thesis: The total curvatures of 3D curves
  • 1977-1978,one-year advanced study in veterinarian, Jiangsu Agriculture College, China (GPA: 4.0/4.0). Meat sanitation check


  1. Swimming, 3-6 miles a week

  2. Software coding (solutions / debugging), I enjoy it as playing games

  3. Ping-pong

  4. Hiking

  5. Playing chess (I can play chess without seeing the chess board)


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