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Ray J. Chen 

Flexibel Full-Stack Solution Programmer or Data Engineer



IT publication with our open source solution code (C#/C++/C/Assembler): I went to India in 2012 to demo the solutions, to answer questions and to make friends

• R. J. Chen,  K. S. Reschke and H. Hu, " Design and Analysis of a Tree-Backtracking Algorithm for Multiset and Pure Permutations ," International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms ( IWOCA 2012 ), Kalasalingam University, India, LNCS 7643, pp. 288-292 , July 19-21, 2012. Open source solution code 

• R. J. Chen, Editor-in-chief of a database programming book . 1988

Note: Projects always have something new; however, I could adapt myself quickly to the new teams/skills and always made products work very well (the product goals).

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