Ray J. Chen

Flexibel Solution Programmer or Developer


Ray's (as the major advisor) 14 graduate students in software programming (they had 2-8 years of full-time IT experience from banks or software companies before their MS studies):

(1) (2006-5/2010) Ms. Meiyan Xu  
   ---MS  thesis: “Service Management System for Power and Automation Products Application”

(2) (2005-5/2010) Mr. Xiaobin Hu
   ---MS thesis: “Design and Implementation of Telecom Network Resource Dynamic Synchronization System Based on SOA”

(3) (2007-2009) Mr. Jiawei Zhuang
   ---MS thesis: “Research and Realization of Logistics Information System Based on Web Services”

(4)  (2006-2009) Mr. Xiang Guo
   ---MS thesis: “Design and Implementation of Credit Card Analysis Data Mart.”

(5) (2006-2009) Mr. Chuanfu Hong
   ---MS thesis: “Design and Implementation of Building Materials Management System”

(6) (2006-2009) Mr. Hongsuai Hu
   ---MS thesis: “The Pharmaceutical Industry Flexible ERP System Research and Implementation”

(7) (2006-2009) Mr. Hongliang Yan
   ---MS thesis: “The Design and Implementation of Commercial Bank Credit Assets Provision System”

(8)  (2005-2009) Ms. Pixia Ye
   ---MS thesis: “Research and Application of Course Scheduling System Based on Genetic and Tabu Search Algorithm”

(9) (2006-2008) Mr. Yanqiang Liu
   ---MS thesis: “Research on the Construction of IT Infrastructure in the Commercial Bank”

(10) (2006-2008) Mr. Zhiyuan Zheng
   ---MS thesis: “Application Components on J2EE”

(11)   (2006-2008) Ms. Min Li
   ---MS thesis: “The Application of .NET in Commercial System of Digital City”

(12)  (2006-2008) Mr. Yaohua Xie
   ---MS thesis: “An Application of SNMP Networks Based on ARM-LINUX”

(13)  (2005-2008) Ms. Weiwei Zhu
   ---MS thesis: “The Membership Point Management System”

(14)   (2005-2008) Ms. Yaling Li
   ---MS thesis: “Research and Implementation of Transmitter Supervisory System Based on Web Service”